Uruguay – Offshore Corporate Vehicle

The main feature of an Uruguay Offshore Corporate Vehicle:

Reputable jurisdiction

Foreign income and assets of Uruguayan corporate vehicles are not taxed. Dividends are not taxed


– Shares may be bearer type (anonymity)

– Bearer shares may be transferred by simple delivery

– Company only requires one director and one shareholder

– Directors and shareholders may be non Uruguayan

– Presence of directors and shareholders is not required in Uruguay

– Purpose may be all-encompassing all types of business activity

– No minimum capital required – no maximum capital limit

– Shareholder’s liability is limited to the paid in capital

– Any person or company may incorporate or acquire an Uruguayan Offshore Corporate Vehicle

Solid banking system with secrecy laws

Free inflow and outflow of capital in any currency.

Few obligations:

Prepare financials statements once a year

Hold a shareholder meeting once a year. However, it may do so by proxies.

File tax forms once a year and pay the annual tax of USD 400

The physical presence in Uruguay of any of the corporations shareholders are not necessary.

Please contact us if you want to establish a trust and or corporate structure in Uruguay.