Banking & Gaming Licenses

Some jurisdictions around the world offers licenses covering banking, insurance, gaming etc. We can advise and assist in obtaining and establishing the following licenses:

  • International Banking Licenses
  • Insurance Licenses
  • On line Gaming Licenses
  • Finance / Brokerage Licenses
  • Trust Companies

We ensures our customers’ objectives are met in an expert and efficient manner for all Offshore Banking Licenses, On Line Gaming Licenses, Offshore Insurance Licenses and Finance / Brokerage Licenses. We advise and assist you in selecting a suitable jurisdiction to meet your objectives and requirements. To obtain a License all clients will have to complete an application form and a license will then be granted assuming all criteria are met.

For On line Gaming Licenses, Finance / Brokerage Licenses, Insurance Licenses and International Banking Licenses you have to establish a client relationship with us and deposit USD 5.000 initially.  This will cover our advisory and work related to the process necessary to prepare for a license. You can use one of our payment alternatives at the end of this page.


How long does it take to obtain a license?

A Gaming License can be issued in a few weeks from receiving all the relevant, fully completed application forms, certified passport/driving license/personal identification card, Bank/Lawyer/Accountant reference and Proof of address and after all due diligence has been completed and accepted.

An Insurance License, Finance / Brokerage or  Banking License approval can be granted in a few weeks to a few months depending on the jurisdiction if the necessary requirements are met. However, the requirements and documentation are must more comprehensive then for Gaming Licenses.

How does one apply for gaming/insurance/brokerage or banking licenses?

You initiate the process by filling out the application form under and paying the initial USD 5.000 to establish a client relationship with us.

Can you assist in opening a correspondent bank account with SWIFT facilities?

We can introduce you to clients who can assist with this, however the opening of a bank account is specific to the Bank and clients references, having a banking license is no guarantee that SWIFT membership or merchant services will be available to you, but normally this should be possible to arrange.

Please complete the form under as fully as possible.

Filing Fees for establishing Licenses

Banking Licenses from approx. USD 20.000.

Brokerage Licenses from approx. USD 15.000.

Insurance Licenses from approx. USD 10.000.

Gaming Licenses from approx. USD 5.000.

Trust Companies from approx, USD 10.000
Prices varies depending on the jurisdiction.  In addition comes our fees from USD 5.000 and up depending on the type of License and the complexity of the structure. Expect about USD 5.000 for a standard Gaming and USD 7.500 for a  standard Insurance License, and about. USD 10.000 for a standard Banking License.


We accept major stablecoins like Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), etc.  In addition, we accept all major crypto currencies like Ethereum, Monero, etc,. as well as most major tokens. For our own fees we also accept Blockchain Investor Bearer token with  ticker “BIB” or “BIBX” (Buy BIB and BIBX at Please fill out the form over or the “Contact Us” form with your preferred payment details.

Remember that our prices are in USD. If you pay e.g. using Bitcoin the exchange rate of Bitcoin versus the USD on the day you pay will decide the Bitcoin amount to be paid.