The World’s Best Tax & Money Havens

If you are:

  • Trading or investing internationally
  • Seeking to establish an offshore company, or business overseas, or management of your money & assets
  • A consultant on an international assignment
  • Seeking tax management solutions
  • Living or working away from your home country
  • A tax specialist seeking a professional supplier and partner
  • Buying or registering a yacht
  • Buying or registering a private aircraft


Protect yourself by holding some of your assets in another country. The World’s Best Tax & Money Havens guide you on how to go about it, the specific benefits you might achieve are:

  • Protection from currency exchange controls
  • Protection from the confiscation of precious metals
  • A lower profile as a lawsuit target
  • Income tax planning advantages
  • Estate planning advantages
  • Easier access to investments in other countries
  • A measure of financial privacy
  • Practical readiness to move additional assets quickly
  • Psychological readiness to think and act internationally when you need to
  • Trading or investing internationally

A number of offshore jurisdiction is excellent places to domicile your business or part of your business. This forum can assist you in both the planning and process.

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A guide through turbulent times.  Pros and cons of the most interesting offshore locations. Overlooked places and how to use them in an intelligent way.