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June 19, 2017


Overview of The Worlds Best Tax & Money Havens


Tax & Money Havens compare jurisdictions world wide on taxes, bank secrecy, corporate entities, capital protection, storage of bullion, second passport, etc.


We incorporate in all regions of the world.



Tax havens offer lower or no tax rates, less stringent regulations and enforcement, and promises of strict secrecy to individuals and corporations alike.


Holding up to $13 trillion of personal wealth, the equivalent of the annual U.S. Gross National Product, and serving as the legal home of two million corporate entities and half of all international lending banks, tax havens are an integral part of the world economy and among the most powerful instruments of globalization.


Tax & Money Havens provide guidance and advise on how to use and take advantage of different jurisdictions for various purposes. Learn more by joining our alumni group Tax & Money Havens on Linkedin


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