Incorporation & Banking Service

Incorporate your own offshore corporation, and / or open an offshore bank account 

A Cornupia Capital service. We provide a full range of corporate services for companies, individuals, and entrepreneurs who wish to streamline and significantly cost reduce their international operations, protect their assets, manage intellectual property etc.

We can provide a complete or partial Virtual Office at a prestigious address (or with a mail box) in London or Switzerland. This can include mail forwarding, phone, fax and email, web site with hosting and banking service. Further features like like a switch board to answer your phone, take messages etc. are available. If you need more “low Key”, or “obscure”, or “far away” places, we can provide that as well.

If you are:
– Trading or investing internationally
– Seeking to establish an offshore company, or business overseas, or management of you money & assets
– A consultant on an international assignment
– Seeking tax management solutions
– Living or working away from your home country
– Buying, selling or registering a vessel, yacht or private aircraft
– Money & asset management

For business requirements / structures we will charge a retainer of USD 5.000 in an advance retainer.  Our work cover discussions / analysis / review in order to define your requirements and needs. Private meetings  can be conducted anywhere in the world on your request.

See our fee structure and payment methods at the end of this page.

Contact Form

Fill out the contact form under to initially describe your requirements and we will advise you how to establish an offshore presence depending on your needs. Please indicate which stablecoin you want to pay with (Tether, USDC, etc.),  or crypto currency (Bitcoin, Monero, Ether, etc.), in the form under. 


Opening of an offshore bank account, private                                                     from USD   1950,-.

Opening of an offshore bank account, business                                                  from USD   2.950,-.

Opening of an offshore bank account, private or business with
international brokerage account for investment / trading in
global stocks, commodities, bonds and currencies, and/or
money & asset management                                                                                                 USD   4.950,-.

Establishment of an offshore company,                                                                   from USD 1.750,-.

Virtual Office
a.)  Prestigious address (or mail box) with mail forwarding
incl. phone, voice mail, aut. answering, redirecting to other phones
and / or mobiles of your choice, establishment fee                                                   USD    1.790,-.

Yearly fee USD 1.200 per year.

b.)  Web site, a standard web site from USD 1.500 and up depending
on level of complexity and features                                                                           from USD    1.500,-.

Establishment of a foundation or Trust                                                                    from USD    3.440,-.

Annual Fees:

Agent fee                                                                                                                                          USD 350,-.

Other services:
We can provide directors for your company:

Director Nominees fee                                                                                                   from USD 1.200,-.


We accept major stablecoins like Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), etc.  In addition, we accept major crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, etc,. as well as most major tokens. For our own fees we also accept Blockchain Investor Bearer token with ticker “BIB” or “BIBX” (Buy BIB and BIBX at We also accept other forms of settlement. Please fill out the form over or the “Contact Us” form with your preferred payment details.

Remember that our prices are in USD. If you pay e.g. using Bitcoin the exchange rate of Bitcoin versus the USD on the day you pay will decide the Bitcoin amount to be paid.