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Primexbt is an exchange for buying or selling Bitcoin. If you have Bitcoin you can sell them at and withdrawal the money in USD or Euro. gives you the opportunity to send Bitcoin to any email address. The recipient only needs an email address or mobile phone number. When the recipient receives your message, it will contain a link to recover the funds you sent. If the recipient wishes to claim their new Bitcoins, they’ll need a Bitcoin address to send them to, but this can be done by them at any point in time later.

Bitcoin’s first potential mega-market just so happens to be the second largest economy in the world

See the potential for Bitcoin in the world economy in our just published article “The World’s Largest Economy in 2020 (Not the US or China)“.

Bitcoin – the emerging currency of  “System D”

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Democratization of Money – Bitcoin liberating organic farmers – 

See how Bitcoin help the people of Argentina to get around currency restriction in this film by

Filmed in Argentina, three bitcoin proponents set out to produce a short film on the impact of bitcoin in Argentina. The result is a beautiful documentary examining the promise of economic growth in the ‘free’ or ‘shadow’ economy beyond the ‘official’ crippled economy.

The film’s website,, references this ‘free’ economy as one of the world’s largest, second only to the U.S. economy, pointing out the obvious benefits of bitcoin when compared to paper cash which is becoming difficult and risky for transactions.

More about the story in this article from Forbes Magazine.


Where Bitcoin is Booming:


Bitcoin currency flow globaly







This hypnotic animated map shows where Bitcoin is really booming.

Bitcoin transactions in real time. It shows both the currency denominated for the trade, as well as the country of the transaction.

It becomes clear that China really is big into Bitcoin relative to the rest of the world.

Click on the above graph for larger image    Source:

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