What is a trust – Set up a trust in Uruguay

What is a Trust?

It is a legal transaction that involves the transfer of property or rights of the estate of a person or entity to form an autonomous patrimony entrusted to an administrator to manage it or to exercise the rights in compliance with certain instructions in favor of one or more beneficiaries.In compliance with the prescribed term or condition, such property or rights are restored to whom the property or rights conveyed or transferred to a third party.

How are called the different parties involved in the establishment of a trust?
The person who conveys the property or rights of the business object to the instructions on how to proceed with it, is called the trustor or settlor.The person who receives such property or right (trust assets) in order to comply with the provisions of the deed or deed of trust, this is called TRUST. The trustee or beneficiary is the person who receives the benefits of the property or rights managed by the Trust. The Trustor (the person who conveys the property or rights) may also be the beneficiary.The property business objects out of the assets of the Trustor (who conveys the goods) and constitute the trust property passing to form an independent involvement heritage assets of the Trust and excluded from the guarantee of the creditors of this. Both the Trustor and the Beneficiary may exercise their rights to ensure compliance with the trust according to script it gives rise.


Use of an Uruguay based Trust ?
Applications for this new instrument are different: one of the most anticipated in Uruguay is as facilitator of the credit instrument. Those who need to obtain a loan can establish a trust which by its nature separates certain assets of the estate of the person to constitute a separate estate, free of any affectation. The trust is a more efficient means of assurance in the field of business, giving greater legal certainty for investors. Compared to the real rights of mortgage or pledge, (traditional security instruments used in Uruguay) in the Trust property has been transferred to the Trustee who will administer the Trust in accordance with the instructions provided by the Trustor. Upon fulfilling the condition or term of affection that heritage will be returned to Trustor or Beneficiary shall be transmitted in compliance with the agreement without court action.Contact us if you want to set up a trust in Uruguay, or need advise regarding the use of trusts.